What does it cost?

Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zilch!  You will never find a better deal in regards to professional learning than this.  With pricing like this you can’t say no!

What is the format?

EdCamps are “unconference” events with a focus on education and learning. Most professional learning is done where participants listen to one person who shares their presentation with the audience.  EdCamps, on the other hand, are meant to encourage conversation and participation among the attendees.  Participants determine the topics for the day and take an active role in setting the direction of the conference.

Prior to the EdCamp, you can offer suggested conversation topics.  At the start of the event, all participants will be able to “vote” on the topics they’re most interested in. From that, a session board will be constructed that will provide the schedule for the day.

Do I have to present?

You do not need to present to attend an EdCamp.  We certainly urge anyone with a good idea to offer to lead a conversation.  As educators we sometimes feel that we do not have anything important to say.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  You could lead a conversation on the adoption of the new Common Core Standards.  You could lead a dialogue that focuses on best practices for instruction.  We don’t want PowerPoints, and we don’t want pre-prepared presentations.  We’re looking for honest, dynamic discussions on topics of interest to you and others.

EdCamp is about learning, sharing, and connecting.  We ask that you share what you already know, with colleagues who want to learn.

What does it mean to share?  Perhaps

  • you’ve read a great book or article
  • you bring a unique perspective
  • you have a unit or lesson that you love
  • you’re willing to talk about your successes and failures

Well, any of that counts.  Again, we’re looking for dialogue and discussion, not presentations.

Do I have to be a techie?

EdCamps have been made extremely popular through Twitter and blogs.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be a techie to attend an EdCamp.  EdCamps are for anyone that wants to spend their day thinking about, talking about, and learning about how to improve their educational practice.  Some of the sessions may revolve around technology, but that is because the participants are interested in technology.  If everyone’s interested in literacy, then there are going to be literacy sessions.  If folks want to discuss student projects, then that’s going to be a focus.  It is important to remember that this is a participant-driven conference that is intended to meet the needs of those that attend.  Conversations can be proposed on any topic.

What do I bring?

A friend and an excitement for learning.  Like any conference you should come prepared to take notes in any fashion you like.  We will have WiFi access, so you can bring mobile devices or laptops.  Paper and a pencil will work just fine as well.  Bottom line: bring anything you would like to make your day meaningful.


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